Welcome to We Love Houseplants!  We all love plants, right?  They add color to any room, release oxygen, and even absorb carbon dioxide. What’s not to love?  So why is your plant dead?  You followed the care instructions and it still died.  I totally understand!

Hi I’m Lin Lee and I  have been gardening and lovin’ houseplants for over 20 years now.  I previously owned an interior landscaping shop (plants for businesses) but became discouraged and very bored when I realized my clients were more interested in replacing a plant than understanding why it died in the first place.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wanted to know why the plant died.

It’s not you.  So many folks love plants (flowers and houseplants), even happily visit their neighborhood garden nursery, just to shake their head in disgust 2 months later when their prized rose kicks the bucket for no apparent reason.

You kilt it!  So you resolve that’s it!  No more gardening, no more plants, and just dust your plastic ficus.  But why it gotta be that way?  Maybe you don’t have a brown thumb.  Maybe you actually have a green thumb and it’s the plants fault.

Easy-Care.  What if gardening could be fun and you got all the credit for your awesome looking peace lily?  How about closing your plant encyclopedia (remember those…) and learning from your environment.  Your yard and plants will tell you what they need. Once you know what you love and plant what works, it all becomes easy-care at We Love Houseplants.