Arrowhead Houseplant



The arrowhead houseplant, otherwise known as Nephthytis, originates from the tropic areas of Africa. Its name is derived from is arrow-like shape of its leaves.  Like the Chinese Evergreen, it is a member of the Araceae family.  It’s super-friendly and no-fuss, so you will find it easy to grow.  Arrowhead possesses some vining characteristics, so it looks best in a hanging basket or trailing on a trellis.


Since the houseplant functions best in tropical regions, you can simply mimic the environment in your home.  Be sure to keep then soil moist and empty the excess water from the tray.  If the water is allowed to remain, it could begin to create root rot (a definite killer of houseplants).

Sun Exposure

Nephthytis happily thrives in medium to high light, but to keep your life simple, place it in an area that receives filtered light.  If your plant begins to lose its bushy appearance, just increase your light source.  Remember to avoid direct sunlight; most houseplants find sunburns unpleasant and distasteful.


As a fuss-free plant owner, your arrowhead will appreciate one of one our recommended balanced fertilizer.



For lovers of aquariums and houseplants, you can combine the best of both worlds by using your arrowhead in your aquatic tank. Since the plant favors a tropical mist, Arrowhead will sing your praises in this environment!  Live plants are always a best picks for aquariums.

Another tip

If your plants tips start to turn brown, try increasing your water frequency and mist occasionally to increase humidity.

Our Review of the Arrowhead Houseplant

Overall, the Arrowhead is a good houseplant if you are just starting on your plant journey.  Keep in mind, though, it may get a little leggy and viney so you will definitely need to trellis it.  If you don’t have time for all that, a snake plant may be more your thing.

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