Boston Fern Houseplant

Save Money with Four Simple Boston Fern Care Tips

Did you buy a Boston Fern to hang on your porch but once the summertime season was over it ended up in the trash or compost bin? Often the Boston Fern is portrayed as an annual shade houseplant, but did you know can enjoy it through the yearly seasons? You can actually keep the plant indoors during winter months and save money by setting it outside again when warm temperatures return.

About the Fern

The bushy evergreen originates from tropical areas and thrives happily in humid environments. Numerous varieties make their home in areas like Florida. But if you live outside of this state, you can still keep your fern to set out again in the next spring and summer season. The key to your success lies in keeping the plant healthy and safe from chilly weather during the cooler months to mimic the climate. If you live in zones 9 through 11, you will be able to keep your fern outdoors during winter months, but for other climates it is best to overwinter indoors. Below are four simple steps to save on the annual expense of purchasing a new fern and to bring additional color to your home during winter months:

Simple Boston Fern Care Tips

  • Light: No plant can resist the sun’s rays, but with your fern, be sure to avoid
    Scorched leaves from too much sun.
    Scorched leaves from too much sun.

    full sun (if the tips begin to turn brown, move to a shadier spot). Indirect or filtered light is best.

  • Temperature: Avoid placing your fern near heating sources like hot air vents or space heater. The cooler the indoor temperature, the better.
  • Water: It is not necessary to water your fern as frequently as you would in the summer. Only water when you see new growth or when the soil is dry. You can use a moisture meter if you are concerned about over watering the plant.
  • Food: Take a break, enjoy your hot chocolate by the fire and skip fertilizing your Boston Fern until spring comes around again.

With these four simple tips you can save yourself the cost of purchasing Boston Ferns every year. Of course, if you are blessed with warm temperatures like Florida, consider yourself lucky. But if not, you can still enjoy your Boston Fern year round.