Christmas Cactus


No matter the season, it’s always a good time to have a Christmas Cactus!  Sometimes only used for its holiday spotlight, you can spotlight its evergreen leaves and grow a low maintenance Christmas Cactus year round.  As a type of succulent, it happily survives in medium light with occasional water, but boast as a flowering beauty at the increase of light. The Christmas cactus is a winter house plant that is very easy to care for, which is why it makes a great gift to give people during the holiday season. Some say the flowers that sprout from this cactus even resemble candy ribbon, which is usually sold around the holiday season. However, even with Christmas candy-like flowers, the Christmas cactus is also known as the Easter cactus or the Thanksgiving cactus.

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Temperature:  The Christmas Cactus is forgiving in most temperatures.  During winter months, in Georgia, our cacti thrive happily in 60 degree temperatures.  Although, if you are seeking winter blooms, you will need to drop the temp (see the additional tip below).

Water:  As any easy care houseplant lover, the cactus is another favorite.  Watering is minimal, so you are fine should you go several weeks without watering this fuss free plant.  But during the blooming season, keep your cactus moist.   As with the pothos, be sure not to water your cactus too much and allow the soil to dry completely before you water it again.

Fertilizer:  Your cactus will do fine with a basic 10-10-10 solution.  When the plant is not in bloom it will benefit from this balanced food formula.  But as the blooming season approaches, ensure pretty blooms by using our all-natural Christmas Cactus plant food.  Our plant food is non toxic, chemical free, and easy to apply.

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Rooting:   If you are rooting a new cactus, you should first cut the shoots back from the tips. Then cut the second joint of each tip you have ready to plant. Plant them about a quarter of their length deep in soil that is somewhat sandy. Within a few weeks, you should be able to see some kind of growth starting. If you want to transplant your cactus, you can do so after a few weeks of growth.

Light:  The houseplant appreciates the love of the sun, but to avoid sunburn, don’t place it directly in the sun.  Indirect, part shade, or filtered light are best.

Planting:  If you are simply planting a Christmas cactus, you have to cut a short segment from the stem tips that is Y shaped. The segment should be planted a quarter inch of it size into the soil that is somewhat sandy. Evenly moisten the plant and soil and keep it in a well-lit area. You don’t want it in direct sunlight, but you don’t want it in a dark place either.

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