So I love plants and it’s a blessing and an honor to be able to share my passion with you, but let’s face it, we all have to pay the electric company. To help with the daily grind, I use affiliate links to help make the donuts.


There are a lot of great plant and gardening products out there, and experience is the best teacher.  But let’s be honest, isn’t it smarter and wiser to learn from someone’s blunder?  So to help alleviate the confusion of choosing the best product for your peace lily, my affiliate links take you to trusted products you can by that can help you in the garden.  And by purchasing them through my link, my affiliates (sponsors) show me thanks with mulah (the best thank you ever!)

And even better, this thank you doesn’t effect you at all.  You still get a great product and at the price you would normally pay.  I am compensated directly from the sponsor (affiliate).