Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata                                                                                                      

Looking for a houseplant that boasts of a colorful play of two tones? Consider Dracaena MarginataDracaena Marginata.  This striking houseplant is otherwise known as the dragon tree houseplant.  It is a narrow stalked plant boasting of vibrant, vivid green and burgundy leaves.   Its treelike height and form gives it a majestic appearance while the striking color brightens any room.


Your plant will thank you with happy health when the soil of the dragon tree is kept moist.  If the plant dries out, its distaste in its watering conditions will eventually become evident.  The leaf tips will soon turn brown.  This is an indication the houseplant requires more humidity and moisture.  Misting is also an alternative along with moist soil that will encourage humidity and help maintain moisture.


Dracaena MarginataYour dragon tree will fair fine in low light areas, but it prefers sunnier locations with filtered light.  You can easily provide filtered light by setting it by a sunny window with blinds.  As with any houseplants, if you decide to place your plant on the patio during summer months, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.  Drastic sunlight on the plant creates leaf burn and potential death.


Feed your plant with a balanced foliage fertilizer.


Our Review of Dracaena Marginata

The dragon tree is another favorite low maintenance, no-fuss houseplant.  Pair it with your favorite container and you’ll have a great display that will look good in any spot in the house or outdoors on the patio.  Consider placing it in a corner to add a bright spot in a room.  Also remember to add moisture should the leaf tips begin to turn brown.  In addition to misting, you can increase the moisture frequency by adding  a layer of pebbles to your drainage tray.  Enjoy your new Dragon Tree and feel free to contact us at welovehouseplants@gmail.com with any plant questions or comments.

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