Elite Easy-Care Panel

Elite Easy-Care Panel

Welcome to the Elite Easy-Care Panel.  We are glad you decided to join the team!  It’s easy and fun so let’s get started!

I’m Lin, Main Editor and Staff Writer for We Love Houseplants (WLH) and we are into sharing and we know you are too!  And what’s better than sharing – well maybe chocolate.

As an Elite Easy-Care Panel Member, we encourage you to share.  Share your pics, tips, or ideas with the community.  With every share you bank 1 point towards the Featured Monthly Gift selected exclusively for Elite Panel Members.

Another way to get free gifts!

WLH is partnered with The James Canteen General Store, an online eBay- powered shop that offers fun products like specialty mugs, books, and of course – plants!  You can earn more free gifts just by sharing the site with your friends and family.  That’s it!  Just give them the promotion link and they receive 10% off their 1st order while you get to select another free gift from the Featured Monthly Gift list.  Be sure to give them your Member ID so you can get your free gift.

Again, welcome to WLH’s Elite Easy-Care Panel Program.  Happy sharing!


Share the listed links for points toward free gifts!  Remember, since The James Canteen General Store is comprised of multiple companies that feature their own specialty products, be sure to share appropriately.