Forced Tulips in May!

Forced Tulips in May! USA, LLC

Hi Plant Lovers it’s Lin from WLH!  I picked up this discounted tulip display at my locale grocery store.  When I purchased it the tulip had ragged leaves and the bulbs were not blooming.  It came with a plastic insert so the tulip bulbs can sit on top of the water while the roots remain below (just as an avocado does).  If the bulb sits in water it will eventually rot.  So I trimmed the leaves the leaves back.  When I changed out the water, I filled it (right below the plastic insert with) with an egg shell water mixture.


eggshell mixture:  5-6 crushed eggshells in 1/2 gallon of water.  that’s it!



Then I added a teaspoon of my favorite organic fertilizer for blooming plants – bone meal.  And sure enough, the next morning they started to bloom.  How cool is that!