Did You Give Your Plant Too Much Water?

Did You Give Your Plant Too Much Water?

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Did you give your plant too much water?  In the summertime it’s not much of a worry (the hot weather will quickly dry it out), but it the winter – if you’re heavy handed with the water  – the extra water could be detrimental to your plant’s health.  Not to worry, though!  Take a gander at these tips revive your saturated plant partner.

Dealing with saturated soil in the winter

  • provide circulation.  give your houseplant plenty of air movement (use a small desk fan) to increase air flow and prevent bacteria from stagnant air

  • place in a warm room where the soil can dry out more quickly

  • ensure you have at least one drainage hole in the bottom of the planter

  • place on a sunny windowsill (but not too bright – depending on the houseplant’s needs)

These simple tips should keep your plant in a happy place!  If your plant still looks impish, just reach out to us at welovehouseplants@gmail.com or use our contact tab to send us a direct message.  We offer free plant advice!  #easyplantchat